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Thousands of Hamsters were sent into space for survivability experiments – but due to an accident, they warped through a temporal wormhole.

Millions of years went by in a matter of minutes and the hamsters evolved with super intellect, and after they came tumbling into a universe transformed by time. They quickly worked to modify their ships to help them explore this new universe!

They first headed to their home planet only to find that it has drastically changed and now there are riches, relics and even creatures trapped in mysterious orbs. This is where they discover their new goal to restore planets and become the ultimate Claw Star!

Claw Machine + Capsule Toy

Claw stars is a unique Casual Social Claw Machine game that brings in the revolutionary gameplay of Claw Machines with the adorable collection of capsule toys.

Travel from planet to planet as you gather the riches left by civilizations past and help rebuild these broken worlds. With each claw, you will gather gold, collect relics and even save creatures that have been mysteriously trapped!

Compete with your friends and gather collectibles as you gather riches in the Claw Stars universe – one claw at a time!

Rescue Cute Animals

Each planet is filled with cute critters of all shapes and sizes that need rescuing. Save them all and restore their habitat to continue your journey of discovery!

Customize your Style

In space, no one can hear you scream… but they can totally see your awesome outfits!

Collect all the cute new space outfits for your hamster to keep up with the latest styles across the Galaxy. Unlock magnificent new Space Ships, to help you navigate the wondrous worlds that await in the Claw Stars.

A Hamster’s Best Friend

In a universe teeming with life, it’s no surprise that some intelligent companions will want to join you in your quest to restore these planets!

Interact with your companions by giving them delicious treats and they will share the joys and experiences together with you on your space adventure.

Create Your Home

Make your comfy space home your own as you collect the unique decorations left behind by civilizations past in each planet!

Keep clawing for these precious additions to your home as your continue to expand and grow your home away from home.

Play with friends

The universe is not complete without some competition. Play with friends as you claw for useful tools to trick them, set up blockades to get in their way, kidnap their critters or even hack into their coin stores to make yourself rich!

Watch out – you might be the next target for their revenge, so make sure you take steps to protect yourself!


Prank your friends with Fool Stones


Block buildings and halt construction


Kidnap cute critters from their habitat


Hack coins and claim them as your own

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